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We’re sisters. Co-founders. CEOs. Business consultants. Social media influencers. First and foremost, we’re MOMs! We’re breaking boundaries and showing the world what real mompreneur life is all about. Whether we’re running our businesses or running after our kids, we’ve got lots of stories to share. We work to inspire and motivate millennial moms around the world to pursue their passions while introducing them to a network of likeminded individuals, companies and brands. Let’s navigate life’s journeys together! We keep it real, we keep it honest, and we would love to keep connecting with
each and every one of you.
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Give a toonie help a child learn!

All it takes is a toonie to make difference for one child. So many children go to school missing the most important meal of the day. A luxury that so many of us take for granted. Did you now that 1 in 6 children in the country live below the poverty line and far too

This is US this episode got us!

And just like that last night we were brought back to the moment so many of us have experienced… the moment that you can’t even believe…. the moment you replay in your head daily … you think it’s a dream… you’re in a haze… the moment you have been taken by surpris

She’s our Nonna

See that lady on the far right she has no idea who the kids are beside her. All she asks when we go visit is if they have been fed, do they sleep through the night and continually asks if the baby is breast fed. That lady used to babysit like ten kids at once

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