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Meet Laura and Josie,  The GG Sisters!

We’re sisters. Co-founders. CEOs. Media Strategists.  Content Creators. First and foremost, we’re MOMs! We’re breaking boundaries and showing the world what real mompreneur life is all about. Whether we’re running our businesses or running after our kids, we’ve got lots of stories to share. We work to inspire and motivate millennial moms around the world to pursue their passions while introducing them to a network of likeminded individuals, companies and brands. Let’s navigate life’s journeys together! We keep it real, we keep it honest, and we would love to keep connecting with
each and every one of you.
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Ella, GM and Mr. A’s fave toys this holiday season!

Ella, GM and Mr. A’s fave toys this holiday season!   We know that feeling of unwrapping the toy you always wanted, we know that feeling of waiting patiently for our parent to assemble our toys and find the tool kit from the garage, we know that feeling of waking up early and going to

Sometimes things don’t go as planned!

SOMETIMES THINGS DON’T GO AS PLANNED. It’s easy to come on here talk about our successes, store openings, new brand contracts, speaker engagements etc…. It’s very hard to come on here and talk about things not going as planned, store closings, lost brand contracts etc. Here’s the story

Our top 5 ways to combat the flu this season + our secret recipe

It’s that time of year again, you know the one I am talking about. Halloween has passed, Christmas is on the horizon and everywhere we turn people are sneezing, sniffling and hacking up a storm. Forget Fall. It’s cold and flu season. At the same time that we are adjusting our clocks, Josie and I

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