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We’re sisters. Co-founders. CEOs. Business consultants. Social media influencers. First and foremost, we’re MOMs! We’re breaking boundaries and showing the world what real mompreneur life is all about. Whether we’re running our businesses or running after our kids, we’ve got lots of stories to share. We work to inspire and motivate millennial moms around the world to pursue their passions while introducing them to a network of likeminded individuals, companies and brands. Let’s navigate life’s journeys together! We keep it real, we keep it honest, and we would love to keep connecting with
each and every one of you.
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Getting Spooked at Camp Spooky

It’s that time of year! Time to get spooked at Camp Spooky at  Canada’s Wonderland. The kids haven’t visited Canada’s Wonderland yet this year, so when we got the invite to go we jumped on it. You get the best of both world’s- all the rides plus the park is in decked

Perfectly Imperfect

Had a conversation last night with someone who said social media creates an illusion to everyone that everyone’s life is perfect and that this causes further issues for those watching who don’t have that perfect life that is portrayed on social media. Of course we argue to say no ones li

Help, Mentor, Share

Today’s post is all about working with those in your field, profession, etc. Basically your peers. We all have to remember we started somewhere and somewhere along the way someone helped us. Whether it be giving us a biz tip, advice, contact info, etc. So HELP those in your field, it’s c
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