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Meet Laura and Josie,  The GG Sisters!

We’re sisters. Co-founders. CEOs. Business consultants. Social media influencers. First and foremost, we’re MOMs! We’re breaking boundaries and showing the world what real mompreneur life is all about. Whether we’re running our businesses or running after our kids, we’ve got lots of stories to share. We work to inspire and motivate millennial moms around the world to pursue their passions while introducing them to a network of likeminded individuals, companies and brands. Let’s navigate life’s journeys together! We keep it real, we keep it honest, and we would love to keep connecting with
each and every one of you.
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Protected: It’s all about the Nursery Water

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Nursery Water and we were compensated for this post, however all thoughts are our own. I am about to get real here – what is one of the most hotly debated, and let’s be honest judged, topics surrounding parenthood. It is not “do I drink coffee while I am


Our life is filled with instructions, right ways to do things, rules to follow, policies to adhere to and laws to abide by. And don’t get us wrong we need all these things. BUT… and yes there is always a BUT… we also need to learn and teach our children and ourselves how not to

Feeling LIFE

It’s me Josie since you guys probably wonder who types each post…. today’s post is from me! I’m feeling guilty I bailed on friends last night( I couldn’t leave the kids two nights in a row), I’m feeling defeated that I couldn’t do all the tasks I wanted to this weekend, I’m feeli

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