Meet Laura and Josie Cannone, The GG Sisters!

We’re sisters. Co-founders. CEOs. Business consultants. Social media influencers. First and foremost, we’re MOMs! We’re breaking boundaries and showing the world what real mompreneur life is all about. Whether we’re running our businesses or running after our kids, we’ve got lots of stories to share. We work to inspire and motivate millennial moms around the world to pursue their passions while introducing them to a network of likeminded individuals, companies and brands. Let’s navigate life’s journeys together! We keep it real, we keep it honest, and we would love to keep connecting with
each and every one of you.
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We have all survived our worst day!

You know when you have had that bad day, they day that you’re like woah I can’t get through this, the day when you think everything is falling apart, the day when you question everything and everyone, it’s all good you need those days. Trust us. Just remember when those days happened you survi

You will never know what story is behind a pink dress…

#tbt with a story for you all. This photo was taken in 2014 during the grand opening of the the 5th Glama Gal location. I, Josie, spent the past month Sick Kids Toronto with GM. He had streptococcus and remained quarantined here until his fever settled. This hospital soon became my second home for

Messages you find in New York

We stumbled upon this window and needed to share it with you all. More messages like this need to be around our kids, always. It doesn’t matter where we live, these words reflect candid, honest ideas that at times may comfort us or even scare us. The way we respond to these feelings will help

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