Check off Tech for the 2018/2019 School Year – OUR TOP 10 Tech Must Have Sponsored Post

What we’ve come to realize in the past month is that the Christmas season and Back to School Season are eerily similar – we prepare for both events at least a month in advance, we shop until we drop, and we are always in search of the must-haves (before they fly off the shelves). The best part? After the much-anticipated day arrives, us parents can kick our feet up and let out a sigh of relief.

But before that glorious day arrives, we have some preparing to do. Together with Microsoft, we’re compiling the must-haves for the upcoming school year.  The following items are in no particular order of importance and can all be purchased at our ultimate back to school headquarters- STAPLES. Here we go –

Surface Laptop
For the students who need extra power, go beyond the traditional laptop with Surface Laptop. What we love about this laptop is that the battery can last up 14.5 hours. That’s longer than a school day! Thin, light and powerful, this sleek laptop can fit easily into a student’s bag. Another premium feature is this discreetly hidden Omnisonic speakers with Dolby Audio Premium sound, perfect for watching videos or for delivering presentations.
Price: $1069.00

Office 365
We all know and love Office 365! Microsoft Word anyone? With user-friendly programs including, but not limited to Microsoft Word, students and parents alike can prepare professional documents and presentations with ease. With just one subscription. 5 household members have access to all programs and features. Each person will get 1TB cloud storage and 60 monthly Skype minutes. The best part? You can access Office 365 Home from virtually anywhere, on all your devices.
Price: $109.00

Microsoft Surface Pro
We love our computer and we love our tablet, for various reasons. Now imagine this – both our favourite tech devices coming together. The new Surface Pro gives you a best-in-class laptop, plus the versatility of a tablet with 13.5 hours of battery life, perfect for non-stop work and play (especially great for our younger scholars). The stunning PixelSense Display supports Surface Pen and touch, allowing you to create innovative documents, notes, and presentations with the natural touch of a pen.  Say goodbye to those notebooks – that’s what the Surface Pen is for! With the multi-position kickstand and keyboard, the transition from laptop to tablet is smooth sailing.
Price: $1049.00

Surface Go
The small, light-weight design of the Surface Go is great for any student who is on the go. Similar to the Surface Pro, the Surface Go, but smaller in size, the stunning touchscreen coupled with the power of Windows 10 make this a great option.  Students will love the Surface Go’s capabilities and the cost-effective price. Jotting down notes and ideas is easy with Surface Pen and improved type cover. We only wish a device like this were around when we were in school!
Price: $529.00

HP Stream 14
This is a laptop for just about anyone, including our little scholars who want to stay on top of their schoolwork…and favourite tv shows in between. This laptop is great because of the sleek, manageable design which allows for easy transport – in a school bag, large purse, or in hand for anywhere you go. Did we mention that it’s only 0.7” thin and packs 10 hours of battery life? Bonus!
Price: $299.99


 Surface Pen
Ok, remember when we said that we wish we had these devices when were in school? Well this next gadget is something we really could have used. The new Surface Pen works like a pen, allowing you to annotate over documents and doodle if you’re the more creative note-jotter. With precision ink on one end and an eraser on the other, you won’t ever have to sharpen a pencil or search for a pen again!
Price: $129.99

Surface Mobile Mouse
A must-have with many laptops and tables is the Surface Mobile Mouse. Light-weight and portable, the new Surface Mobile Mouse delivers seamless scrolling and cord-free Bluetooth connectivity. This mouse comes in four different colours to match your device or mood. 

Xbox One S
We all need a study break during studying. According to this article on Pyscology Today – Breaks restore motivation especially for long-term goals. This is where the Xbox One S comes in from gaming to streaming your fave movies. It is the ultimate break you need. Did you know that for 11.99 CAD per month you have access to over 100 great games and new games are added each month? Everyone including adults needs a little work and play.
Price: $11.99

Surface Pro Signature Type Cover
For anyone with a tablet, this is a must have accessory. For ease of transition from tablet to laptop, you’ll benefit from having a Surface Pro Signature Type Cover. The redesigned surface allows for ease with typing and navigation on any document or website.
Price: $199.99

ESET Internet Security
If you’re like us and you navigate, click, and download without a care, then you’ll want to pay attention to this. ESET Internet Security Is a multi-layered security software, which protects against all types of online and offline threats. It prevents unauthorized access to your computer and misuse of your data – certainly a must have, especially with younger children. With ESET, you’ll enjoy safer connections, protection on your webcam and home router from intruders, password tests, even perform regular scans on all of your smart devices that are connected to your home network to look for vulnerabilities. This reputable antivirus technology protects you against all types of online and offline threats and prevents malware spreading to other users.
Price: $59.99

One thing is certain when it comes to choosing any of the aforementioned products – sleek design, ease of use, and reliability. All of the laptops and tablets were practically made for us – extensive battery life anyone?! We always feel like we are running on empty but fear not, these devices will always be ready to use. With Office 365 and the Surface Pen, any student or parent can dive right in to create beautiful documents and presentations. We love just about everything on list because there is a product and price point for just about every student or family.  While some students may find value in tablet-like devices, others may opt for a laptop with a keyboard, ready-to-go.  We encourage you to review our recommendations to see what products work best with your lifestyle and plans for the upcoming school year. Whatever the choice, we are certain that you will be prepared and fully charged for any task and most importantly, anywhere your learning takes you!


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Best of luck to all students! To fellow parents out there, we wish you luck as well. We know how stressful the back-to-school season can be but we have your back. We’ll be celebrating with you when the school bell rings, when the lunches are packed, and when the tech is powered up, ready for our scholars to excel!

DISCLOSURE: We were compensated by Microsoft for this post. All opinions expressed are our own, we only partner with brands that are aligned with us!

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