Top 20 under $20 gifts for 2018

We hosted our GG Sisters Holiday Open House last night and it was amazing. We played a game of Holiday food trivia plus we showcased our top 20 under $20 gifts from Kitchen Stuff Plus. 


  1. Quench water bottle
  2. Reusable straws 
  3. Himalayan salt lamp 
  4. Whiskey stones 
  5. Whiskey decanter & glasses 
  6. Apple peeler gadget 
  7. Pineapple gadget
  8. Cheese board with knives
  9. Trendy gold cheese knives 
  10. Christmassy serving tray 
  11. Snowflake cake stand 
  12. Cupcake decorating kit
  13. Digital kitchen scale 
  14. Crème brulee set 
  15. Mug set
  16. Pizza stone, cutter & rack (LOVE THIS. also good for warming bread.) 
  17. Bath caddy – the dream
  18. Cute Christmas light
  19.  Owl spoon rest Donut mugCactus jar
  20. Wine topper gold , Wine topper silver Fun & trendy wine markers 

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