Meet Laura and Josie,  The GG Sisters!

Laura and Josie Cannone are two sisters who are affectionately referred to as The GG Sisters. GG stands for Glama Gal, the name the two gave one of their first businesses.

After successfully growing their business, Laura and her sister Josie turned their attention to social media.

In 2014 they created The GG Sisters social media channels; allowing followers a glimpse into their parenting and entrepreneurship lifestyle. What began as a way to share the ins and outs of daily life, has amassed to an amazing community of almost 200,000 people who follow their stories on social media.

Building on their success, in 2016 the two ambitious sisters created their weekly Facebook show The GG Sisters Live. With a captivated and dedicated audience, this is their platform to share who and what inspires them.

They are now the leading voices for both parenting and entrepreneurial advice online and offline. With this wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge, The GG Sisters have built businesses, families and now document it all.

Joins The GG Sisters on Mondays at 8:30pm EST for their LIVE online show

An interactive live show created by The GG Sisters where the sisters discuss current trending topics, share some DIY and parenting hacks, host fun giveaways, have expert guests discussing parenting, family, business, food, travel and more.