Don’t Over think it!

We waste so much time over thinking things that we forget we won’t get the time back we spent over thinking. From what clothes to wear to retaking the same pic over and over again till it’s perfect, to buying a car, deciding to start a business to thinking about what people think about you. About 11 years ago Laura got in a very bad car accident totalled her SUV. A few weeks later she had to go pick out a new car. We went to a dealership, she saw the car she liked, she bought it and she didn’t even test drive it. Dave and myself asked her are you sure? The salesman said this was his quickest sale. She basically bought the car in two mins. The sales guy was like are you sure you don’t want to know the features etc. look at other cars. I will never forget Laura’s response- Life is too short to waste time thinking about things. The car drives, I like it, that’s all that matters was her response, she didn’t even care about the colour. If you know you want something and don’t have a doubt, then just go for it. In the end stop wasting time overthinking things, so that you can make more time overdoing things like LIFE. #Lifeisshortdontoverthink #buytheshoes#eatthecake #yolo #bookthetrip

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